VerumVita = "TrueLife"

Most of us begin each day by hitting the ground running. Wake up, get kids off to school, get to work either in an office or at home, try to squeeze in a workout and errands, help kids with homework, take kids to after school activities, get dinner, kids to bed, try to have some “me” time and collapse into the bed to prepare for another crazy day! This is “TrueLife” and we’re here to make it a little bit sweeter!

VerumVita translated..TrueLife. Sharing ways to make “TrueLife” easier with weekly features that cover a plethora of topics!   

·         Cook – menu planning to help ease the pain of the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner??”

·         Rave – sharing our latest obsessions

·         Give – inspiration for fun and unique gift ideas

·         Eat – interesting new products or accessories for everyday dining/entertaining along with an occasional restaurant review

·         Sip – weekly cocktail recipes or beer/wine selections we are crushing on

·         Depart – sharing some of the most fabulous and often times, more-affordable-than-you-think, travel destinations                 


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