Cook: 03/17/12

 Pork Tonkatsu

For this edition of Cook, I am embracing the Meatless Monday movement by featuring a meatless entree for the Monday meal!  Hopefully, you and your family will enjoy these meatless and healthful options as the weeks go on.  If there are recipes that you particularly love or would like to see featured in my weekly installment of Cook, PLEASE shoot me an email or leave a comment:) Bon appetit! 


Sunday: Pork Tonkatsu (MA: white rice and veggie side such as broccoli or green beans)


Monday: Farmer’s Market Panini (MA: pasta or potato salad, fresh broccolini, asparagus, carrots or your fave fresh veggie)


Tuesday: Stovetop Chicken and Dumplings


Wednesday: Slow Cooker Braised Pork with Salsa (MA:


Thursday: Ultimate Baked Ziti


Friday: Salmon with Lemon Glaze and Rosemary Crumbs


Saturday: Chicken Tamale Pie



MA=Meal Additions



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