Sip: Darjeeling Darling

Darjeeling Darling

 Kudos to Elizabeth at Saffron Lane for coming up with a unique and delicious concoction!  The picture on the Saffron Lane website was so gorgeous that I felt compelled to attempt to make the beauty myself.  What I realized when gathering the ingredients was my local Super Target did not have blood oranges or black cherry concentrate.  Bummer!   I had to improvise. 


I used Cava Cava oranges and a V8 Fusion black cherry and pomegranate juice which is fizzy but didn’t seem to affect the consistency at all since it will be shaken in the end anyway.  Elizabeth uses Dali Darjeeling tea, but you could use use any Darjeeling tea you currently have in your pantry or can purchase at your local grocery store.  Of course, I forgot to get tea on my grocery run so was relegated to use what I had on hand.  Since I was also a bit PMS-y, I figured Tazo Calm blend tea would be an appropriate choice!  

The fruit was easy to blend and made a lovely looking and smelling puree.  Great for other libations as well.  The tea infused simple syrup turned out to be delightful and would make a fabulous topper for ice cream, tea sweetener or add another dimension to cocktails calling for simple syrup. 

The final product was a party in your mouth!  The sweetness of the fruit and complexity of the simple syrup made the Darjeeling Darling or in this case the Cava Calm absolutely delectable! Cheers….


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