Depart DC: @STROGA, @Recoup, & A Strange Case of Uncanny Timing

One of my dearest friends, Kelly, has a friend who writes a pretty cool blog…S.C.O.U.T. (an acronym for A Strange Case of Uncanny Timing).  Essentially, she writes about situations that occur in her life and the lives of those around her that are unexplainable.  For instance, have you ever thought about a friend you haven’t talked to or even thought about in years who inexplicably calls you a day after you thought of him/her?  Well, if you know what I am talking about, you must check out her blog AND keep reading this one, because I just had a S.C.O.U.T. experience myself involving one of my posts from yesterday and STROGA yoga studio!

In my Do/Sip post from yesterday, I unveiled a deal for yoga led by a super capable instructor from STROGA set in the glorious countryside of Rappahanock Cellars!  Sounds decadent doesn’t it?

Before I post anything that is new to me, I do some research to ensure that it is something that I would actually do myself!  I would totally do yoga in a vineyard!!  Right? 

Well, I must be honest with you.  I had not heard of STROGA until yesterday.  Only after my due diligence found that the folks over at STROGA are top notch and offer a unique approach to yoga with an emphasis on strength training, hence the name, did I feel comfortable sharing it with you! 

I digress…back to my S.C.O.U.T. moment.  Today I open up an email from Recoup, which is a fantastic deal site that gives a portion of your purchase to a selected charity of your choice.  You can even increase your charitable donation by decreasing your savings.  Totally up to you.  So I open the Recoup email, and what do I see?  A deal from the very same yoga studio that I had never heard of until yesterday.  You guessed it!  STROGA!  I think it’s a sign that I must either buy the Recoup offer or head down to Rappahanock Cellars for one of their Vinyasa in the Vineyard experiences through Living Social!  Either way I take my S.C.O.U.T. experience full circle AND get some zen mind and body time to boot!  Namaste. 

D.C. ranked among America???s top 10 fun cities


D.C. ranked among America’s top 10 fun cities, survey finds

A recent survey dubbed the “Fun Index” ranked the nation’s top 10 fun cities, and the District came in at No. 7.  Trident, the chewing gum company, sponsored the survey, which asked people in large cities to share information about having fun in their home towns. Questions included how many days a week responders have fun and how expensive it is to have fun in their city. Atlanta came out on top as the No. 1 fun city, beating out even New York City.


 America’s top 10 fun cities:

 1. Atlanta

 2. New York

 3. Chicago

 4. San Francisco

 5. Dallas

 6. Los Angeles

 7. Washington, D.C.

 8. Boston

 9. Houston

10. Philadelphia

We already knew DC was a fun town.  Now we have the data to back it up!  Want to read the rest of the article…click here

Wear: Spanx Swimwear - Whittle Waistline Draped Tankini Top 

Who is ready for bathing suit weather? Hands fly into the air. Who is ready for actually WEARING a bathing suit? Hands remain in lap. If you are not quite bikini or even tankini ready, Spanx (of tummy flattening fame) swimwear may be your go to for poolside lounging. With one piece suits as well as separates, there are options for all tastes and sizes. Gilt Groupe is also having a sale on them right now for members. If you are not a member and would like to become one, comment on this post, and I would be happy to send you an invite!