Contribute: Donate Your Used Soccer Gear

I don’t know about you, but with four kids playing sports we end up with A LOT of leftover gear once the season has ended!  A couple of years ago, I decided to find a way to put all this stuff to good use.  After some online research, I found Peace Passers.  They collect and donate used soccer uniforms, cleats, socks, shin guards, socks, balls and equipment to locales across the globe.  According to their website, they have given soccer gear to people in 42 countries including…

Afghanistan, Angola, Belize, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Galapagos, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Senegal, Seville, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St.Lucia, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, The Gambia, Trinidad, Tshikagi, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Yap, Zambia.

I reached out to our sons’ soccer teams, and we ended up with 6 boxes of gear that was donated to several countries.  The folks at Peace Passers were extremely easy to work with and sent me a personal thank you email when they received our donation!  I hope that you consider donating to Peace Passers if you have extra gear in a box or drawer in your house or better yet reach out to your team or league to collect enough gear for several needy teams!  Happy collecting:)

Oh and by the way…shipping the goods wasn’t too expensive as we shipped it ground.  It took a little longer but no one minded!



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