Depart DC: Look Both Ways: Street Art Across America – Now to May12th, 2012

Going to museums are considered fun for parents and bor-ing for kids, right?!?  Well, there is a way to expose your kids to art in a fun way with the Look Both Ways Street Arts Across America “exhibit” located at various locales throughout the District.  Check out the daily calendar for a list of event times and locations. 
Friday, May 11 at 9:00PM (I know a little late if you have young kids:(), Project Boundaloop presents Bound(less) which is described on the website:
“Revealed from inside the main clock tower face, dancers appear on ledges and interact with the detailed architecture of this historic building. Drawing from 20 years of experience making site-reactive dance, Project Bandaloop activates and engages the architecture of the Old Post Office. This marriage of architectural lighting, elegant and sophisticated choreography, and evocative music by Dana Leong brings this historic public space to life and leaves a lasting impression on the community who share in the performance.”
Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Might be worth a late nite trek into the city or try to catch some of the events at The Yards on Saturday, May 12 because the show will be heading out to spread their fun art elsewhere!



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