Wow: Dumt & Farligt – Slow Mo Video with some Bang!

Aza Raskin, founder and CEO of Massive Health, former creative lead for Firefox, founder of and Songza, shared this recently.  I thought it was too cool not to share with you!  My first thought while watching was “This is a lot like Jack Ass without people!”  They have come up with some pretty out there ideas that make for great video!  Would be curious to hear what  you think about this video? 
First of all, I had no idea that flour was so flamable and that putting a bottle of wine in the microwave would be THAT bad of an idea!  I would also hate to be the one to have to clean up the water bed mess. Oy!
I do know one thing though,  my teenage boys and their friends would LOVE to give these a go!  Guess I better make sure they NEVER see this:)

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