Depart DC: Open House @Ayshire Farms

Going organic can be hard not to mention expensive.  In my house, we have made some small changes over the past few years with the hope that the majority of the meat we eat will come from Ayrshire. They offer products from humanely raised animals which, in my opinion, should be the norm not the rarity.  In addition to meats, they also sell fresh fruits and vegetables and pet food! Yes, you read that correctly! They sell minimally processed dog and cat food so you can rest assured your four legged friend is eating the same wholesome ingredients that Ayrshire is famous for.
According to their website:
“The Farm is a certified organic farm, specializing in rare and endangered breeds livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. It is a working manor farm, historically a place of efficiency, sufficiency, and serenity.”
Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?!?  Why not take advantage of the semi-annual open house and make a trek out to Ayrshire May 19th and 20th to experience it all first hand!

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