Sip: Le Whaf


Not sure how I feel about this product. It is essentially a cocktail in “cloud” form that actually tastes and smells like the drink it once was.  It is a low-calorie option because you are not ingesting those fat forming ingredients and the alcohol content remains the same.
According to, Le Whaf works like this, “Pour into this beautiful carafe one of our specially prepared drinks, like liquid lemon tart, or your own favorite, perhaps a martini classic, and place the carafe on your table.  When you’re ready, tip the carafe toward your glass, a cloud of flavor will form and fill your glass, and then you sip it out with our specially designed straw.”
If nothing else, it looks pretty cool with a sci-fi modern aesthetic…just not sure I want to inhale my cocktails…at least not through my nose.

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