Sip: Gin Genie


One of my favorite neighbors happens to be married to one of my favorite girlfriends! I have mentioned Kelly in the past so to refresh your memory, she is one of the sweetest and most considerate gals I know, not to mention super fun! Kelly always has your back (or at least has mine:)) all the while cracking jokes and making fun of everyday living. These are a few of the reasons why I adore her, and of course, this amazing gal that I love is married to an equally fun loving guy, who is a blast to hang with in his own right and serve on an HOA board with as well (Wink, Wink, Mr. Vice-President)! Hardy is a gin and soda lover but this gin drink while different has his name written all over it, Gin Genie.  So the genie is now out of the bottle…I love those wild and crazy neighbors of ours! Cheers to Kelly and Hardy…this post is for you!


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