DepartDC: Imagination Required @Cardboard Challenge

Have you heard about Caine’s Arcade? I hadn’t until literally this morning. Wow, what a story! Check out this heart warming short film by Nirvan Mullick, the arcade’s first customer and catalyst for success, by clicking here
In a nut shell, Caine Munroy, created an arcade using old boxes from his dad’s used auto parts business in east LA, outfitted with ticket dispensers, security pads (aka calculators), and even has prizes for all those tickets you won playing the games! 
What is so cool about this story is this 9 year old boy worked hard, poured his heart and soul into this arcade and came away with an amazing, learning experience and a scholarship fund generously donated to by people out there who recognized Caine’s drive, initiative, and positive attitude.
Join others in your area for the Global Cardboard Challenge and you, too, can build an arcade or other fun, imaginative creation that has only existed in your imagination until now! To find a local challenge location, follow this link.

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