Cook: Candy Creations

No matter how you feel about the outcome of the election one thing remains…you have A LOT of leftover Halloween candy!! Want it gone? Well, you have a few choices.                                                                       

1. Eat it all in a late night binge.

2. Eat it all over time when the kids are at school.

3. Give it all away.

4. Repurpose said candy in a way that makes everyone feel good!

I say go with the 4th option! Here are some fun (and delicious) ways to use up that candy that seems to call to you in the night…and let’s be honest, the day, too!



This is my hands down favorite! You can’t go wrong with anything from Momofuko Milk Bar out of NYC, and this recipe for a candy Snack Mix is most definitely a winner!



Craving a candy laden ice cream sandwich? This is for you! Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bars that are covered in lucious bits of toffee candy and chocolate.



Another Momofuku Milk Bar creation, Candy Corn Chocolate Chip Cookies!



These Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies would disappear in my house within minutes!



Truffle-like Candy Cookies would make a fantastic Christmas gift, if you can hold out that long!



Kiddos of all ages would get a kick out of Spotted Porcupine Cookies!



And for adults, this seems like the perfect way to dispose of those dreadful Swedish Fish! The Finding Nemo cocktail…who knew?

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