Depart/Contribute: Ritz-Carlton – World Savers Awards 2012 : Conde Nast Traveler


Ritz-Carlton is eponymous with luxury, five star accomodations and a hefty price tag!  Now, however, a new adjective can be added to that list, philanthropic. 
One of the winners of Conde Nast’s World Savers Awards, the Ritz-Carlton is not only reducing it’s carbon footprint by reducing it’s hotels energy and water comsumption, but also adopts schools in the neighboring resort areas helping kids stay in school through their Suceed Through Service program.
You can now travel guilt-free to one of their 79 properties across 25 countries while helping the less fortunate with one of the Ritz-Carlton’s Give Back Getaways during which you stay in luxurious accomodations but spend half your day helping others, whether it’s people or animals, alongside Ritz-Carlton staff that are making a difference, too!



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