Well-Being: Lyme Legislation Moving Forward—Continue Support!



Hooray! The first hurdle for changes in Lyme diagnosis has been achieved, but there is still more to do! There are delegates that need to know you support this important legislation.

Below is the latest from the National Capital Lyme Disease Association:

“This year we introduced the same identical Lyme bill HB 1933 in the House of Delegates that we did in the Senate. Yesterday, the Senate Full Committee on Education and Health reported out to the Senate floor SB 971.  This is an important development and a big victory for our community.   The bill now goes to the full Senate for a vote as we told you in the previous blasts 1, 2 &3.

HB 1933, like SB 971, requires Virginia healthcare providers to provide a disclosure that a negative result does not necessarily mean the patient does not have Lyme Disease. 

This Monday, at 5:00 PM, the House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions will consider the same bill, designated as HB 1933 on the house side.  The patrons of this bill are Delegates Barbara Comstock, David Ramandan, Tom Rust, Benjamin Cline and Lionel Spruill, Sr. 

It is extremely important that you inform all members of this House sub-Committee  that you support HB 1933.  They are listed below.  

Let them know that you are a Lyme Disease patient, or affected by Lyme Disease, and that it is very important to you that HB 1933 be reported favorably and passed by the House of Delegates.  We have provided the email addresses and telephone numbers of these Delegates to make it easier for you.

It is extremely  important to send these messages before this coming Monday, January 28th.  Make calls on Monday morning.”  




Dear Delegate __________,


I write to let you know that Lyme disease affects many Virginians.  I strongly support HB 1933.   


Please vote YES for HB 1933 which will provide important Lyme disease testing information to patients. 


Thank you for your support.  




Name, address & phone



Delegate sub-committee members:

Health Welfare and Institutions

John M. O’Bannon DelJOBannon@house.virginia.gov  804 282-8640

Chris Peace DelCPeace@house.virginia.gov 804 730-3737

Richard P. Bell “Dickie” DelDBell@house.virginia.gov 540 448-3999

Scott T. Garrett DelSGarrett@house.virginia.gov 434 455-0243

Margaret B. Ransone DelMRansone@house.virginia.gov 804 493-8484

Lionell Spruill DelLSpruill@house.virginia.gov 757 424-2178

Algie T. Howell DelAHowell@house.virginia.gov 757 466-7525

Joseph Morrissey DelJMorrissey@house.virginia.gov 804 698-1074



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