Listen/Depart DC: Alma Desnuda @IOTA (3/24, 8PM)

 Grandma’s Day…filmed on the one of a kind streets of New Orleans!


Over the summer my best friend, Kara, whom I’ve mentioned before, surprised me with a trip to Napa and San Francisco! (Do I have the best BFF EVER or what?!?) While there we came across a band, Alma Desnuda, a feel-good, get-up-and-dance-while-inspired-to-make-positive-changes-in-the-world band! Unfortunately, we missed their live show by 2 days. Bummer, I know!
I liked what I saw/heard online so I signed up for their email list and hoped that they would make it to the east coast at some point. Crazily, one of the band members, Chris, sent out an email asking if anyone living on the east coast might be able to help them book a show as they were going to be in the DC area in a couple weeks. I was totally psyched and more than willing to help them book a show for selfish reasons as well as altruistic ones!
I was able to book them at MacDowell Brew Kitchen in Leesburg. You are probably wondering what happened since you know I would have ensured some of my most favorite people would have been there dancing along side me! Hurricane Sandy descended upon us and their flight east was cancelled:(
Alma Desnuda is trying once again and have procured a spot in a pretty cool line up of bands this Sunday night at IOTA in Arlington! I hope to make it but since it’s a school nite, well it may be tough. For those of you that are able to make it, the show is going to be one for the memory books and for those that aren’t lucky enough to be there…here’s hoping a hurricane doesn’t stop them from coming to the east coast again!  

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