Well-Being: Debunking Meditation Myths

Meditation is not a scary or mindless endeavor; quite the opposite. It is this state of mindfulness that many seek. I have been meditating for a year or so, and it’s is now something I look forward to each day. A time of peace and solace where I am alone with my thoughts. I prefer to meditate in the morning once the kids are off to school, and I have a few minutes of time to myself before I have to hit the ground running for the day!  Check out the 7 Myths of Meditation by Deepak Chopra. It explains many of the misconceptions of the practice of meditation and makes the idea a little less daunting and intimidating.

The Chopra Center 21 day Meditation Challenge began on Monday, it’s not too late to join as the meditations are online for awhile after they have been featured. There is even a journal that prompts you to answer questions related to each day’s mantra.  Join me on this meditation journey! You wont regret it. Namaste.

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