Well-Being/Rave: Dessange Difference

Happy Spring, everyone!  The weather is (hopefully) warming and the flowers are blooming. Ready to break free of your winter doldrums?  Time for a change during this season of new beginnings?  I can think of no better way than a hair revamp!

The first step in the process is finding just the right person to perform said revamp. Now we all know finding this person is not always an easy task.  And what about the salon, shouldn’t it be as divine as the stylists that work there?  Now if you can find a stylist that works in a gorgeous salon filled with friendly people then it’s like you have found salon Shangri-La!  Well, I am here to tell you that Shangri-La exists in Tysons Corner at a luxe salon, Dessange!

As a mother of four, I feel this is one indulgence that I deserve and so do you!  There is no need to travel into D.C. or make a trek up to New York City to get your hair done right.  You can find it right here!  Dessange is a different sort of salon from salon design to styling techniques to the care taken throughout every step. The Dessange difference also lies in their training.  They take only the most talented stylists and each one must work their way up the ranks while constantly honing their skills and learning the latest and greatest techniques. This difference can be seen in the Dessange cut  that typically lasts up to 3 months!!  Can you say that about your current cut?

Come with me as I walk you through a typical haircut appointment which is more like an experience at Dessange:

Upon entering, you are greeted with a smile and offered a cup of tea, water or cappuccino.  The cappuccino is the way to go as they make a killer cup that I can honestly say I look forward to each time!  While you wait for your stylist  (*Michelle and Sebastian are top notch as I know of their amazing work first hand; although EVERYONE there is super talented!), you change into a white cotton wrap–type cover up that protects your clothing and are asked to take a seat at a modern white bar in an area of the salon overlooking a green space.  Oh, so relaxing, and it’s just the beginning!

Waiting Area/Bar...too bad it was a rainy day when I took this shot. There is a lovely view and fountains in the foreground.

Waiting Area/Bar…too bad it was a rainy day when I took this shot. There is a lovely view with fountains in the background.

After a short time sipping your cappuccino, your stylist will retrieve you from your solace and show you to a seat where he/she discusses your hair; what you want, what he/she thinks would be best for you. Following this discussion, a mask specially blended for your hair and scalp is applied. The mask is gently massaged into your scalp and then you are off again.

Now it’s time for shampoo, but it’s not your typical salon shampoo.  You are sitting on a wonderful, white leather reclining chair with a footrest and…wait for it…massager!  If only they had someone massaging your feet at the same time!  The massaging continues on your head as you are shampooed and conditioned.  Your hair is now ready for cutting, drying and styling.

The amazing, reclining, massaging shampoo chairs!

After a recent appointment, a girlfriend of mine remarked that she felt as though every hair on her head had been cut! I think that is a spot on description. Your hair is cut while you are seated and also standing. All the while your hair is being flipped and moved to ensure the best cut…EVER!

The minimalist, urban work stations where natural light is prominent and there is NO Fluorescent Lighting to make you look washed out and generally awful! You won’t mind checking yourself out in the mirror here!

Did I mention the blow out? Unbelievable is the best word to describe it!  They are able to make the curliest of hair straight and the straightest hair curly with only a bit of product and nary a curling iron, roller or flat iron in sight! Unbelievably gorgeous! (There’s that unbelievable word again.)

*Michelle Andrade and I after another decadent appointment at Dessange. I adore Michelle and I know you will, too!

With your gorgeous newly styled locks and the overall relaxed feeling you have from just spending an hour or so at Dessange, I say a lunch/dinner and a drink (or two) is in order to show off your new do…that I guarantee you are going to LOVE! And if you mention me, Amalia, or VerumVita, the awesome folks over at Dessange will throw in a gratis hair conditioning treatment (Worth $20)!! Now go on, book your appointment! You won’t regret it and call me if you want to have that dinner and drink afterwards! I can’t wait to see the new you!


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