Green/Contribute: Make Some Green While You Clean

Time for some Spring Cleaning…and honoring Earth Day! We all have clothes either of our own or our kids that we should really get out of our closets, drawers and ultimately our house! Wouldn’t it be nice to ship them all off in a bag or box never to be seen again and earn a few bucks? How about knowing that those threads will be adored by someone else and not end up in a landfill somewhere? Introducing Twice, an online consignment boutique for women that will pay for shipping  said items to them. If your items sell, voila,  money for you!  If they don’t, (sniff, sniff) it’s okay because they donate the “unsolds” to Goodwill.

Now what about all the kid stuff…you got kids then you’ve got more than your fair share of kid clothes clutter! ThredUp is a similar selling platform as Twice but for kids’ clothing. Duh! They pay to ship the clothing and whatever doesn’t sell is also donated. ThredUp is also a fabulous way to fundraise. They pay cash upfront that is put towards a cause of your choosing. No too shabby! Check out the video below to see how ThredUp works!

Oh and by the way, if for some strange reason you actually want the clothes back that Twice or ThredUp weren’t able to sell, you can pay a small fee to have them shipped back to you!


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