Sip: Classy Road Soda


I know it’s illegal to indulge while driving (duh!) or even riding in a car in VA so I am certainly not condoning such behavior. BUT if you are ever presented with a situation when you NEED to drink a martini in a vehicle or on a boat perhaps the Martini Sippy cup is for you! Fill with your favorite martini, pop on the top and you are on your way to a virtually spill-proof indulgence! After several of said martinis, I can no longer guarantee there will be no spillage! Cheers! (and safe travels!)


Depart: New Travel Craze…Waze

Nothing stresses me out more than traffic and living in the DC area there is always plenty! And during the first big travel weekend of summer, there will be no escape. On this Memorial Day, hoards of folks will load up their cars heading to warmer climes and a sneak peek into the frolicking fun of what summer has to offer; until this journey comes to a screeching halt on I95. Ugh! Avoid the traffic snarls, speed traps and find gas deals when you need a fill up on Waze.

Waze is an interactive map and GPS that connects you with other travelers who will alert you to the perils that lie ahead thus giving you an opportunity to avoid them.  You are represented on the map by an adorable icon that can be modified to fit your mood…happy little Wazer when all is going smoothly and frustrated little Wazer when you are feeling just that…frustrated. You can alert others to a hiding police officer or a vehicle on the shoulder slowing things down as well as alerting other drivers as to the traffic…moderate, heavy, or standstill.

I must warn you that Waze isn’t perfect. It’s only as good as the folks feeding Waze information and it’s also a huge battery sucker so be sure to have your car charger handy. The app is definitely helpful and super entertaining for the passenger operating it as the driver really cannot effectively use it and drive as the same time safely. Waze is available on both the Android and App Store markets.