Give: Bespoke Razor for Dad!

Truman Shave Kit filled with Shave Cream, Thank You card, Shaving Guide, Refill Blades and a Razor, of course!

As a young child, I remember the scent of Grey Flannel wafting through our house as my Dad was preparing to leave for the day. It was like a huge “Daddy-hug”  enveloping me before he would head for the door to make his rounds at the hospital. A well-groomed man to me is the epitome of those days gone by. The smell, the well-shaven face, the suit, the tie.

I may not be able to recapture the scent of  my Dad and Grey Flannel, but I can help my daughter create her own memories of her Dad especially if he’s using a Harry’s shave kit! The fabulous folks at Harry’s were kind enough to send me a Truman Kit to try. Well, actually for my husband to try, although women might be a niche Harry’s has yet to tap into! Now that I think about it, I might give that Harry’s razor a go myself!! Do you think Rick would notice if it was missing?

My daughter and I decided on an olive green razor handle but they have other fun color choices like orange, white, and blue as well as an upgraded razor handle made of aluminum. The Truman Kit is a terrific value at $15 and includes a razor, refill blades, and shave cream which arrived in this cute box emblazoned with “H'” for Harry’s of course!


Also included in the kit is a cute little Thank You card and a multi-fold Shave Guide with some fun facts and interesting shaving tips! And for Father’s Day they will include a personalized card at no additional charge.

According to Rick , he got a close, clean shave and enjoyed the fresh, woodsy scent of the shaving cream which wasn’t at all overpowering. You could totally splash some Grey Flannel, after-shave or a cologne of choice on afterwards! The cream was smooth so the blade was able to glide across his face with ease. The razor blades consist of 4 blades verses the typical 3 and lasted through a few shaves which is no small feat since my husband’s beard is as thick as the Amazon jungle! His face was super smooth and as a bonus moisturized, too!

Since they offer blade refill services you will never get caught without one and with prices as low as $1.56 per blade, why not stock up!?!

Olive green Harry’s razor that my daughter, Avery, chose for her Dad!!

Harry’s also has a philanthropic side as they support Veterans with their Fund a Fellow program.  All the proceeds from the sale of this razor fund a 6 month veteran fellowship with a non-profit where they can use the skills learned in the military.  Harry’s is also running a Free Blades For Life promotion for Father’s Day via Instagram! By posting a pic of your pop with #DadisRad you can win a lifetime of free blades! Woot, woot! You can check out the latest photos here. So if you’re looking for a gift for dad that might just take you (and him) back in time, give Harry’s a go. You might just earn yourself a “Daddy-hug”!


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