Rave: THE VAST LANDSCAPE – by Jacqueline Cioffa (Free on Amazon 4/16- 4/18 ONLY!)

One of my FAVORITE books by one of my favorite gals is FREE until April 18, 2015 only on Amazon in Kindle format! THE VAST LANDSCAPE by Jacqueline Cioffa is a book that every gal needs to read especially if you’re lucky enough to have a super close girlfriend or two that you consider sisters.

“Not your typical book about love, loyalty, friendship and sisterhood. This is a sisterhood amongst girlfriends that are there for each other through the good times and the bad. The girlfriends we all have and cherish…or wish we had. A book about growing up and figuring out who you really are and what you really want out of life. The struggles on the path to happiness.The Vast Landscape is a relatable book with a heroine that you can’t help but love and root for (and wish was in your circle of friends). Harrison is the real deal…fiercely loyal, compassionate, loving and fun…not to mention sarcastic and funny! I adore women like Harry! Jackie Cioffa’s voice comes through the pages making you want more…”

And when you’re done with The Vast Landscape take the next step to Georgia Pine! The emotionally charged page turner sequel….a MUST read!