VerumVita translated…TrueLife.  Sharing ways to make your “TrueLife” easier and healthier!

  • Cook – recipe inspiration and Meatless Monday meal posts
  • Sip – cocktail recipes or spirit selections I am crushing on
  • Well-Being – products to enhance your mind & body, newsworthy health topics, yoga poses & more
  • Ponder –  quotes, meditations & stories that inspire and motivate
  • Green – eco alternatives to the products used most often
  • Contribute – sharing ways and places where you can give back to your community and world
  • Listen – free music downloads, obscure bands, merry music and more
  • Give – inspiration for fun and unique gift ideas
  • Rave – sharing my latest obsessions

Some carry over categories prior to the site change:

  • Depart – sharing some of the most fabulous and often times, more-affordable-than-you-think, travel destinations
  • Depart DC – fun and frolicking in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia
  • Wear – showcasing “wearable” items that range from clothing to jewelry to make up and essentially all that lies in between

And a little bit about me…

  • Mom of 4
  • Friend to many
  • Wife to 1
  • Lover of all things wholesome (and covered in chocolate)
  • Totally enjoy my evening cocktail or glass of wine…especially in the warmer months
  • Favorite place to be…the beach!
  • Try to live a “true” authentic life without pretense
  • Hope to instill a respect for nature and a thoughtful approach to what we put IN and ON our bodies.
  • My perfect day would be surrounded by those I hold most dear on the beach during a gloriously gorgeous day sipping fine wine and noshing of divine food listening to the strum of a guitar with the gentle sound of the waves in the background.

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