Rave: The All New VerumVita


Hi, folks. Loads of changes have taken place at VerumVita and in my life as well. Let’s start with VerumVita.  As you can see there is a new look and a new focus. With all the changes that have taken place in my life over the past few months (which I will go into more in a future post), I had an epiphany of sorts and came to the conclusion that a more mindful, healthful approach to everyday living was desired and needed for myself and my family. In sharing some of the changes we made with others, I realized that this was information would be useful not only to my close friends and family but anyone who has a similar mindset or desire for a more healthy, doable approach to living a whole “true” life. (So glad the blog name still works with the new focus…verum=true, vita=life.) Stay tuned!

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Listen: Needing/Getting (a smile)

OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video – YouTube.

I adore OK Go! Their videos always make me smile and wonder…How do they pull off the amazing feats and sing at the same time? Seriously. I guess I am not such a great multi-tasker. I also love the fact that they sold the guitars featured in the video and donated the money to charity. Way to go, OK Go!