Read: Washington Post article goes hand in hand with one of my favorite books…The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner


Not sure I am thrilled with the federal government spending money we don’t have on measuring how happy and content the citizens are, but this article did remind me of one of my favorite and most interesting books.  The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner!  It is a compelling and thought provoking look at places around the world that claim to be the happiest on the planet.  Eric Weiner’s portrayal of the people he encounters, food he eats, beverages he samples and the all around nature of these different cities is an absolutely hysterical page turner.  Perfect Spring Break or summer vacay read.  Who knows, maybe you will be reading it in one of the blissful locales featured in Eric’s book.


Cook: Hunger Games – Be a part of it all with these book/movie inspired recipes

The long awaited Hunger Games movie is in theaters tonight at midnight! Be a part of the mania by taking a trip to District 12 and reap the rewards of Katniss’s, Gale’s, and Peeta’s sacrifices.  Prim will treat you to a goat cheese breakfast of Herbed Goat Cheese Bites.  Meanwhile, Katniss and Gale take an illegal foray into the woods to find apples and blackberries for a Thin French Apple Tart and Easy Blackberry Cobbler!  Peeta has been baking since early morning.  Do you smell the freshly baked Saffron and Golden Raisin Breakfast Bread?  And how about a serving of “Squirrel” Brunswick Stew?  You can, of course, substitute the squirrel for another meat like beef or chicken if squirrel is scarce in your District!  If you want to try more delights from Panem, check out the 27 fun and flavorful recipes here!