Rave: Guilt Free Key Lime Pie



Here is a case of “Gee, why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.  I am not a big yogurt fan…never have been but  MAY actually be one now!  While at the grocery store purchasing yogurt for my yogurt addicted family, I came across Oikos Key Lime greek yogurt (which can be found @Wegmans for about $1).  I have read all about the wonderful benefits of Greek yogurt: more protein, fewer carbs, half the sodium but never really thought much about it.

I guess this one particular day I was a bit hungry, because it seemed to call to me.  I gave in to it’s cries and bought it. 

Oddly enough a week or so later, I had to undergo an oral procedure which left me unable to eat solid food.  I found the lonely Oikos Key Lime yogurt buried in the back of my fridge and thought I’d give it a go.  I am a texture girl and on those rare occasions that I would actually eat yogurt, I always added some granola for crunch.  Well, obviously that was out of the question so I looked to my pantry to see if there was an alternative.  Boy, was there!!  Graham Cracker Crumbs!!  Oh, yeah!

Greek yogurt is much creamier and thicker than regular yogurt and by adding the graham cracker crumbs, it was like indulging in a virtually guilt free pleasure.  A tart yet sweet, creamy version of key lime pie with bits of “crust” in every bite. Bon appetit!


Faves&Raves: Discoveries

I just discovered something amazingly addictive, but this addiction will not require an intervention or rehab! (Probably:)) It could even be considered good for you.  How awesome is that?!?  Now you may have had these before and if you have, I am now officially mad at you for not sharing!   Cocoa Roast Almonds by Emerald. 



You can have 28 whole almonds equivalent to 1 ounce, which is a pretty decent size snack, and there are only 150 calories, 1 gram of sugar and NO cholesterol.  It also contains Vitamin E and  manganese…antioxidants that protect cells from sustaining damage from free radicals and promote the body’s ability to process fatty acids and cholesterol which means they aid in weight loss, too! Woohoo!!

All of that is well and good but the real question is how do they taste?  That is what you really want to know Right??  It is the perfect afternoon snack!  You know the time of day when you are starting to hit that wall and need a little boost.  It has just the right amount of sweet from the cocoa, the lovely crunch of the almond, and the fact that you can eat 28 of them guilt free is an added bonus! Personally, I think that a half ounce serving is just the right amount for a hold-me-overuntillunch/dinner snack!

If you are ready to take the plunge and give them a go, I found them at my local Target, Super Target, Giant and Wegmans in the DC area.  You can also purchase them online at amazon.com.

One bit of advice, I caution you not to eat too many at one sitting…you may feel rather sick afterwards or heaven forbid, get tired of them:(  You will want this love affair to last awhile.