Rave: THE VAST LANDSCAPE – by Jacqueline Cioffa (Free on Amazon 4/16- 4/18 ONLY!)

One of my FAVORITE books by one of my favorite gals is FREE until April 18, 2015 only on Amazon in Kindle format! THE VAST LANDSCAPE by Jacqueline Cioffa is a book that every gal needs to read especially if you’re lucky enough to have a super close girlfriend or two that you consider sisters.

“Not your typical book about love, loyalty, friendship and sisterhood. This is a sisterhood amongst girlfriends that are there for each other through the good times and the bad. The girlfriends we all have and cherish…or wish we had. A book about growing up and figuring out who you really are and what you really want out of life. The struggles on the path to happiness.The Vast Landscape is a relatable book with a heroine that you can’t help but love and root for (and wish was in your circle of friends). Harrison is the real deal…fiercely loyal, compassionate, loving and fun…not to mention sarcastic and funny! I adore women like Harry! Jackie Cioffa’s voice comes through the pages making you want more…”

And when you’re done with The Vast Landscape take the next step to Georgia Pine! The emotionally charged page turner sequel….a MUST read!


Rave: Gu


I have literally found one of the yummiest, cutest versions of Key Lime Pie you can buy in a grocery store!! Gu, based out of Britain, is a company that expends a great deal of time and effort creating decadent desserts that you can enjoy at home! It is literally the PERFECT way to end a dinner party, a weeknight dinner with your family or a sweet finale to your 4th of July celebration! I have an affinity for key lime pie, so obviously, it’s my favorite, but the Mini Pots of Chocolate Ganache are divine as well. If you live in the DC metro area, you can get Gu Key Lime Pie at Wegmans for $5.99 and be sure to reuse those cute little ramekins for a homemade dessert, votive candle holder or any other creative way you might fancy!

Sip/Give: Jewel of a Gift – Julibox

As most of you already know, I very much enjoy a good drink. The only trouble is figuring out what to make and executing said drink can be challenging at times. Going out is not always an option and making one at home is restricted by ingredients on hand. This is where Julibox comes in! A monthly cocktail subscription service that delivers almost everything you need to serve up a delightful drink anytime…spirits, mixers and often times the tools you need for execution! Most importantly, they take the hard part out of entertaining by sharing two cocktail recipes with you created by semi-famous mixologists from around the country. Consider it like having your own personal bartender on hand each month whispering in your ear so you can “wow” your pals.  The only things not included are fresh ingredients that you really must purchase closer to the time of mixing but certainly items that you might already have in your fridge, like lemons, limes, strawberries and the like.

Don’t you just love the adorable box lining and the fun stuff found inside even better?!?

I purchased subscriptions for two of my dearest friends (A shout out to Kara and Kelly! Love you girls!)  Since I’ve already given Juliboxes as gifts and I can tell you first hand this would be the most fabulous gift for one of the many weddings I am sure are on your calendar this summer or a delightful gift of gratitude for the friends whose home you parked yourselves in for a long weekend getaway!  I was super lucky that Courtne, one of the talented and spirit knowledgeable owners, kindly offered to send me a box so that I would be better able to share my thoughts with you. I can tell you unequivocally that Juliboxes are the bomb! They arrive gorgeously packaged, and I adore the wax sealed envelope that contains the instructions for transporting you to cocktail bliss.


Guide to Cocktail Bliss

The month I sampled the two cocktails featured were the Strawberry Cobbler and the French 75. Both were delightful, but since I am a sucker for anything with strawberries, I think the Strawberry Cobbler was my favorite of the two. What is so cool about these boxes is that you don’t have to think about it. The boxes show up on your doorstep monthly and you are introduced to new drinks and often times new spirits that you will soon be able to purchase full size versions of on the Julibox site.

The Strawberry Cobbler…yum!

Don’t wait because the monthly collections tend to sell out especially with prices as low as $36/month! If you’d like to enjoy the July Collection, make sure you order no later than July 5. Bear in mind that an adult 21 years or older must sign for the box since there is alcohol enclosed…a small price to pay if you ask me. You could have it shipped to the office so acquiring a signature does not pose a problem; although, it may produce a problem of its own when your office mates see this cool box arrive. You may find yourselves with unwanted weekend guests. Cheers!