Sip: Brewsky Sangria


Not sure how I feel about this. I have not tried the Brewsy Sangria so cannot speak to it’s drinkability, but it seems to be rather interesting based on the ingredients. The pear adds a bit of a fall flair that might be a quite refreshing backdrop to the beer. If anyone gives this a go, please share your thoughts! Cheers!!


Sip: Lemoncello Sangria


With summer officially here, I say it’s high time to gather a few friends and share in the fun that is known as the summer break!! Give this Lemoncello Sangria recipe a go with pineapple juice, vanilla rum, pineapple rum, lemons and lemoncello…how can you go wrong?!? Serve with salty meats such as salami or prosciutto to offset the sweetness of the sangria, a sampling of hearty cheeses, such as Dubliner or Collier’s cheddar with crunchy crackers and you’ve got yourself a party!