Well-Being: New Lyme Testing Bill – Please Support and Act Quickly


In a post earlier this year, I shared the story of my best friend of 35+ years who has been suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease for the past few years. It has completely changed her life (and not for the better), and she has spent tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to “feel well” again. Notice I said “feel well” because at this point there is no cure for Chronic Lyme. The only solution is day-to-day management which is costly and exhausting.  There is a preventative measure that could have helped my friend and can potentially help many in the future…early detection. The Western Blot test, the standard Lyme detection test, is known to give inaccurate results nearly 50% of the time and those who think they are Lyme free and in fact not. Education is the key and Dick Black, VA Senator, has sponsored a bill that hopes to educate people as to the facts about early detection and testing. The bills being put forth to the Virginia State Senate,  Senate SB 971 | House of Delegates HB 1933, will garner more patient awareness so that early detection is possible and false positives will not go unchecked.

Please write to the following representatives showing your support for this bill. district11@senate.virginia.gov, district35@senate.virginia.gov, district18@senate.virginia.gov, district32@senate.virginia.gov, district23@senate.virginia.gov, district23@senate.virginia.gov, district14@senate.virginia.gov, district2@senate.virginia.gov, district39@senate.virginia.gov, district6@senate.virginia.gov, district1@senate.virginia.gov, district19@senate.virginia.gov, district8@senate.virginia.gov, district13@senate.virginia.gov, district40@senate.virginia.gov, district22@senate.virginia.gov,DelBOrrock@house.virginia.gov, DelJOBannon@house.virginia.gov, DelRBell@house.virginia.gov, DelCPeace@house.virginia.gov, DelACrockett-Stark@house.virginia.gov, DelPHope@house.virginia.gov, DelRDance@house.virginia.gov, DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov, DelDMerricks@house.virginia.gov, DelDBell@house.virginia.gov, DelSGarrett@house.virginia.gov, DelCStolle@house.virginia.gov, delrrobinson@house.virginia.gov, DelGHelsel@house.virginia.gov,DelJYost@house.virginia.gov, DelMRansone@house.virginia.gov, DelKHodges@house.virginia.gov, DelLSpruill@house.virginia.gov, DelMSickles@house.virginia.gov
, DelAHowell@house.virginia.gov, DelMBaCote@house.virginia.gov

The email can be as simple as: Please support Senate SB 971 and House of Delegates HB 1933.

You can read more about the bill and learn about National Capital Lyme Disease Association by clicking the following link.

If you already suffer from Lyme disease or know someone that does, there are Chapters throughout the state where you can learn more about treatments and talk with others for support. Click here to find a Chapter near you.


Sip: Pamplemousse

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Depart DC: Vintage Virginia Wine Festival

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