Wear: Flora by Gucci


In need of a new summertime scent? Gucci has just what you are looking for with Flora! It’s flowery but not cloying with hints of musk and sandalwood so not overly froo-froo! The perfect scent for day or night in the summertime!


Depart DC: Taste of London (or really Cornwall) right here at home



Wishing you could be in London to be part of the frenetic excitement of the Olympics? Wishing you could try some of that ole English food they are famous for except for maybe the kidney pie!?! Your wish shall be granted thanks to The Pure Pasty Co. in Vienna, Virginia! They serve up the real deal Cornish Pasties…pronounced with a short “a” not long…that would be something else all together:) For a limited time, Specialicious is offering $10 for $20 worth of food! Follow the link below if you are keen on saving a few “pounds”:) https://www.specialicious.com/register/referrer/0TXa8bI3qyAPnvVvvNdv?utm_camp…

Well-Being: Cleaning your Inner Closets


After a trip filled with eating and more than my share of drinking, it seemed like the right time to cleanse! Blueprint Cleanses seem to be the way to go! I have yet to try these but have an order on the way. I like that the products are filled with all organic ingredients that are good for your body and will hopefully fill me up so that I don’t feel like I am starving! I will keep you posted:)