Rave: Gu


I have literally found one of the yummiest, cutest versions of Key Lime Pie you can buy in a grocery store!! Gu, based out of Britain, is a company that expends a great deal of time and effort creating decadent desserts that you can enjoy at home! It is literally the PERFECT way to end a dinner party, a weeknight dinner with your family or a sweet finale to your 4th of July celebration! I have an affinity for key lime pie, so obviously, it’s my favorite, but the Mini Pots of Chocolate Ganache are divine as well. If you live in the DC metro area, you can get Gu Key Lime Pie at Wegmans for $5.99 and be sure to reuse those cute little ramekins for a homemade dessert, votive candle holder or any other creative way you might fancy!


Green: Savvy (Food) Shopping


Wouldn’t it be great to know when to  buy certain items at the best prices?  Thanks to Rosa Heyman with DailyWorth for breaking it down for us!  I put all of this useful information in an easy-to-refer-to-list of what to buy when!  Happy bargain shopping!

January: citrus like oranges and grapefruit

February: chocolate, snack foods

March: frozen foods, spaghetti, macaroni

April: snap peas, green beans, asparagus, beets, chives, lettuce, sweet onions

May: berries

June: corn, cherries, watermelon

July: peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots

August: tomatoes

September: figs, zucchini, squash

October: cauliflower, pumpkins, grapes

November: candy, turkey, sweet potatoes

December: apples, pears, champagne

Cook: Good or Bad? Keep or Toss?

Ever wondered if the moldy cheese in the fridge is still okay to eat if you just cut away the yucky bit or if that box of cereal in your pantry with the expiration date of last week is a keeper or a tosser? That’s where StillTasty comes in. You select from several categories and it will tell you how best to store the item, how you can freeze it if applicable and if it’s still edible without making you ill. I’ll eat to that!