Wear: Grace Carter’s Genius Shoe Covers



This product is plain and simple pure why-didn’t-I-think-of-that genius! Winter shoe covers for your gorgeous not weather proof expensive designer kicks! Grace Carter has covers for pointy toe heels, round toe heels as well as ballet flats. The pointy toe and round toe covers are offered in black (as shown below) and leopard print with prices ranging from $59.99-$69.99.


You simply slip the covers over your shoes, zip up the back and you’re fully protected from the cold and wet winter! When you’re at your destination, unzip and store in the handy travel case (shown at top) that fits in your handbag! Voila, what could be easier and more useful for that New Year’s Eve soiree’? 

Wear:Tame flyaways with Ted

Do you suffer from static-y hair this time of year and then suffer all winter? During this wretchedly, dry time of year when your heater is constantly running and your hair begins to stick to everything from all the static, give the Ted Gibson hair sheet a try! The sheets contain amino acids, vitamins A, B5 and E, wild orchid extract, hydrolyzed collagen (marine), silicone compounds, UV absorber and natural lavender oil which come in individual packets that hide neatly in your purse and are on hand whenever and wherever you need them.  So you can finally say good-bye to static-y flyaway hair!


Wear: Shoe Upgrade

Got some kicks in need of an upgrade?? Have a perfect pair of shoes if only it had a pop of color?? Your problem is now solved with the help of Mark McNairy and what the site deems a “spare tire”!  (Too funny!)  In fun colors and the always safe neutrals, you can up the “WoW” factor of any flat shoe!  Plus the site also features clothing accessories and of course, shoes!!